Monday, July 28, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 20 7/16/2014

It's Christmas in July! Start by planning and beginning your Christmas and/or Holiday projects.
What a hectic few weeks it has been. I have looked and drooled over lovely Christmas crochet beadwork, crochet Christmas decorations, and even crochet Christmas wearables. So far I have made three pair of slipper socks but the daughters all wanted theirs now, not in their Christmas stockings. So my progress for this Challenge was negated with the gifting of them. HA HA!

One of my coworkers said these are Dr. Seuss colors and that made this daughter especially happy.
I made a few more dishcloths this week.  Also took some old neckties and made a quirky wreath for the front door. 

The #2 son also had a birthday this week and is now old enough to have a super exciting present from Grandpa.
The banner was made from a paperback Harry Potter book I cut apart and painted.  We have used it for 5 birthdays so far!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 19 7/9/2014

Have you ever made a crochet item that you have seen on TV or in a Movie? If yes, show us a picture. If no find a pattern you'd like to make and link to it. Hint: Raverly forums are a great place to find topics like this!
My ooh's and aahhh's tend to always come during any Jane Austin movie. I have not made anything as of yet but here are some links to some things I will be trying this next year. : )

Here is a pattern from Raverly that came up in a Jane Austin Search.

52 Week Crochet Challenge - Week 18 7/2/2014 Name a movie or TV show where someone is crocheting or that has a crocheted item in it

Some images of crochet from notable programs.
Betty Rubble Knitting, the namesake of our sweet puppy Betty!

Cate Blanchett

Hawkeye Pierce on Mash

Lucy and Ethel

Best one of all Jayne's Hat!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More 'Wrap Up' Projects completed this week

An African flower pincushion

A purse and few accessories to go in it for daughter #3.

A bunch of tee-shirts cut into strip and then woven on this loom made from a piece of foam core board into a small bathroom rug.

Finished Birthday Afghan for the 16 year old teenage driver!!

Daughter #3 had a birthday 6 weeks ago.  This was the other part of her homemade gift from mom.  My husband bought her a very nice Michael Kors purse and informed me after he had ordered it that I would have to do something just as nice to match him.  I made the back back on the back of the motorcycle which I blogged about before but did not finish the blanket in time.  I have worked on it off and on since with many other projects sneaking in.  I have a few days off work this week so this is one of many that I am 'wrapping up.'  

 She loves it of course and now the #2 son says he wants one because hers is 'so soft and snuggly.'

It's obvious Betty loves it too!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 17 6-25-2014 Celebrate the first day of summer by crocheting something fun for summer

Celebrate the first day of summer (June 27, 2014) by crocheting a beach or summer fun project.
I made this sweet little African flower pincushion to celebrate summer. 

 The pattern can be found here: on Ravelry. I wanted to make the African flower motif for a while. I just love how it turned out.

I am linking up here:

Monday, June 23, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 16 6/18/204 Work a chart motif or project

Find a small pattern such as a square or motif that has a stitch chart. Work the project from only the chart without following any written instructions.
I am using the leaf and floral charts for my big Irish crochet project to complete this post. Here are a few of the charts followed by a couple of photos of the work in progress on a foam core board.  The last pic is of my sweet Barney with his birthday hat on from his birthday this past week. 


Saturday, June 21, 2014

52 Week Crochet Challenge – Week 15 6/11/2014 Find a UK Pattern you may want to interpret.

Did you know that crochet terminology is different in the U.S. and in the U.K.? Do a google search and find a pattern that you may want to interpret.

I began a very big project a few weeks ago involving Irish lace crochet. Many of the patterns from the origination of Irish lace are written in UK pattern-speak. I say pattern speak because most of them are long paragraphs using terms and sentences we no longer use today. Irish lace, according to what I can discover so far was economic sustenance in rural areas of Ireland.

When times were hard, women had to find ways of supporting their family. This was particularly true during and after the great potato famine of the 1840s. During that time period, most women could do needlework, so it was only a short step to lace-making. Irish Crochet and Tatting traveled particularly well as equipment needed was simple, a ball of cotton and a shuttle for Tatting and simple crochet hook and cotton for Irish Crochet lace.

Irish Crochet Lace is made with a very fine steel crochet hook and fine crochet cotton or linen thread. It begins with an outline of the pattern on a piece of cloth. Each motif is then crocheted separately, using cotton cord for volume and shaping. The finished motifs are then basted (sewn with a loose stitch for temporary tacking) onto a cloth in the shape of the pattern. The motifs are then joined using chains and picots. When all the motifs have been joined together forming one piece of lace the basting stitch is removed from the back cloth revealing the completed lace. Following is an example of the original pattern published in the early 1900's.  

These patterns can be found on the website here:

So all of that to say I am working on new pattern language with a bit of a delay to show the progress.